Our Responsibility: Protecting our Environment

Energy Saving LED Lights

Majority of the lights found in our stores are LED lights as they use up much less energy while producing the same amount of light that we need. Easy to maintain and great for the environment, we save up to 71% on overall lighting energy each year.

Waste Reducing ESL Ticketing

We are implementing an Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) system in a bid to reduce the amount of paper waste we produce when using the traditional printed materials. Not only does this system ensure all-round price uniformity, it is also environmentally friendly.

Energy Saving Closed-Door Refrigeration

Our stores are moving to a Closed-Door Refrigeration System. With this, the amount of energy the refrigerator needs to maintain a constant temperature is reduced by 27,729 kWh every year, while ensuring that your favourites are always kept in tip-top condition.


Giving our shoppers an opportunity to do something positive for the environment was our motivation when we kick-started the Recyclable Bag program. Now, all our stores boast of sturdy, eco-friendly, recyclable bags that shoppers can purchase and use many times, in turn reducing the consumption of plastic bags.