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About Us

The name “Cold Storage” is an icon and its story is unique in the corporate histories of Singapore. The Company had humble beginnings - a small depot storing and selling mainly frozen meat from Australia. From that, it has grown to become the premier player in retailing in Singapore.

Established in 1903, Cold Storage was the child of the Industrial Revolution and Pax Britannica, when Singapore was the “Clapham Junction of the Eastern Seas”. Together with electricity and refrigeration, it allowed European agents of change - the colonial civil servants, merchants, miners, planters, traders - to acclimatise to living in the tropics. It can thus be said that if there were no Cold Storage the modern history of Singapore would probably be quite different.

In its early days, the Company's primary concern was to have a quick and profitable turnover of its imported meats and range of products. Later, Cold Storage shifted from counter-service to self-service, introducing the supermarket to Singapore. Then the Company pioneered the concept of multiple retailing, capitalising on bulk buying and economies of scale. Always, the strategy is to bring Cold Storage to be where consumers are.

As the island's oldest established supermarket operator with over 100 years of experience in Singapore, Cold Storage the market leader in Singapore, constantly introduced new store concepts that set clear industry standards. It was the first supermarket in Singapore to receive the CASE TRUST mark introduced by CASE in 1998 to distinguish companies that receive a high degree of consumer confidence

Cold Storage is the first supermarket in Singapore to receive MUIS certification for a designated Halal certified service corner in its supermarket operation in Causeway Point. In 1998, for the first time in Singapore’s history, a supermarket retailer was able to provide Muslims the assurance of Halal purchases over its Halal corner.

In recognising the importance of freshness guaranteed, Cold Storage started the Fresh Food Distribution Centre in Singapore back in 1999, a composite multi-temperature warehousing for fresh and frozen food distribution. Cold Storage was the first supermarket retailer in Singapore to put a fully integrated system in place to ensure cold chain distribution system from supply chain to store level to ensure the safe handling of perishable items - from paddock to palate - every step of the way.

World-class shopping experience meets gastronomy excellence at Cold Storage. The epitome of supermarket perfection, our brands – Cold Storage, Market Place and Jasons The Gourmet Grocer, provide an extensive range of products that are fresh, safe and of premium quality. Specially air-flown fresh food, grocery brands and labels congregate at our store, giving you the widest internal collection.

Cold Storage

Trusted for freshness and quality by generations, Cold Storage constantly strives to bring great quality products from around the world to cater to your everyday needs. Constantly challenging the limits, cold Storage has even created specialized concepts areas like dedicated baby sections, salad-to-go and even in-store bakeries, all for the greater convenience of shoppers.

Market Place

A premium supermarket filled with exquisite ingredients for the adventurous connoisseur, Market Place has a fantastic and inspiring range of international ingredients. Shoppers will be delighted with our range of premium grade meat cuts, delicatessen, air-flown groceries, specially imported truffle oils and cask-aged vinegars, as well as our collection of international wines in our charming wine cellars.

Jasons The Gourmet Grocer

Jasons The Gourmet Grocer is the enclave of all things trendy and exquisite, providing a luxurious specialty range of distinguished fresh foods for shopper’s pleasure. Our range of niche brands and gourmet delicatessen products will delight shoppers. Stop by our cheese corner for some savory international cheeses to pair with one of the many premium wines from our selections.

Bringing freshness to our shoppers at a store near them.

Partnering with SingaporeONE (the nationwide broadband network), Cold Storage is the first supermarket to offer its merchandise in cyberspace in 1997. The number of regular customers has since then grown from 6,000 in 1998 to currently over 15,000; ranging from housewives, working parents to professionals and secretaries.

Cold Storage believes in the potential of electronic commerce which will help meet our objective of making shopping as convenient and as hassle-free as possible to our customers.

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Our House Brand - Great Value, All Day, Everyday, Every Store
At Cold Storage, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality food at affordable prices. At the heart of our Cold Storage range is the belief that you shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste on the items you enjoy. With a good range of Cold Storage Essential and Savour, every shopper will find something to suit every taste and budget.

Caring for your wellness, we introduced specially designed store sections to provide wholesome alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. Take guilt-free pleasure in organic, gluten-free and low sugar yet palate-pleasing groceries that are nutritious.